Month: February 2016

Rhinestone nail designs suppliers

Rhinestone nail designs Imaginative Sequined French Recommendation: French manicures can be done in different styles. Some new sophisticated fads of creative French manicures are being seen even more and a lot more. You could draw up the French ideas in blue after a base layer and follow up some wonderful patterns of brushes with white. […]

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Neon acrylic nail designs pinterest

Neon acrylic nail designs pinterest Nail fine art is among those styles ladies can’t get over it anyhow. Pinks, woes, reds, yellows, blacks and also whites are practically in vogue. In the summers we see brilliant and showy shades around, similarly in the wintertimes pastel shades as well as a bit lighter & dim colors […]

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step by step nail designs for short nails

Step by step nail designs Since I love to theme-ify pretty a lot every little thing, I went on the hunt for some of the best as well as most properly romantic nail art tutorials to match this love-filled holiday. Whether you’re going out for an elegant supper, cozying up with each other on an […]

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